Audio and Video Production

Audio and Video Production

We may not be the biggest fish in the sea, but at least we won’t take a huge bit out of your budget.

Maybe you need a YouTube, Kickstarter or GoFund Me video, or just have a batch of home videos that were taken on your phone and you wish they were all edited and put to music.

Or you might have a special occasion you would like to film for business or pleasure

This is what I do.

Video Production

GoFund Me
Special Events
Green Screen

Audio Production

Voice Overs
Special Effects


Special Events
Family gatherings
Real Estate

So what is it that makes a great video or photo…

Is it the camera, the subject or the camera operator? All are important but it’s composition that helps make that great video or photo. Framing, fore-ground, mid-ground and background, color balance, depth of field and focal point are just a few of the tools used.

Video and photography capture moments in time, moments that can never happen again. It becomes my job to capture those moments in a way that when viewed, the viewer is taken back to the moment of that camera click.